Struggs en francais

The struggs life, French style, all began in September but don’t be fooled.  The struggles began long before that.  After 4 years of college, you’d think I would be capable of functioning as a normal human being, but alas, this is not the case.  For those of you who knew me in school, I was always struggling.  Now, take all of that struggle, put it in a suitcase, and send me to France and voila! we have a whole new level of the strugs life.

The struggles all began at the RDU airport that fateful September day.  Naturally, I overpacked my 2 suitcases.  And we aren’t talking slightly overweight.  We are talking like 30 pounds overweight. Like this suitcase won’t be allowed on the plane because its so heavy kind of overweight.  In a frantic struggle to readjust my bags, I decided to check a third one to balance out this whole weight issue.  The lovely woman at American Airlines assured me that I got to check 2 bags for free and would only have to pay a mere (ha!) $60 to check the third.  I swallowed my pride (aka my dad swallowed his pride) and paid the $60.  I was promised they would be checked through to Basel.

Since my bags were so overweight I had to add a lot to my carry-on and, in particular, to my overly large purse/biggest personal item of all time.  While boarding the tiny plane from RDU to JFK one of the straps broke off and my boxes of Kraft Mac n Cheese went flying.  Needless to say I got some odd but envious looks.  Minor bump in the road.

When I got to JFK (literally one of my least favorite places in this world) I was just bracing myself for what was to come.  Nothing ever goes well at JFK.  It just doesn’t.  So naturally I go to the counter to check in and get my boarding passes for my British Airways flight when they inform me that I owe them approximately $140 in bag charges.  Um say what? Apparently with British Airways you only get 1 bag for free, not 2.  Clearly I had misunderstood but I was not okay with paying $200 in bag fees.  After talking with 2 separate people at the desk and speaking with the manager, I got them to see my side.  After that struggle, I treated myself to some Macdo because everyone knows Macdo cures all varieties of struggle.

Long story short, getting to France was a perfect example of strugslife 2k10 but I did arrive in one piece, with all three of my overpriced pieces of luggage.  Little did I know that the struggles were just beginning…


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