Monthly Archives: February 2011

Silly Americans

After almost 5 months in France you’d think I’d have the train system down, but nay.  I used to be super uptight about checking train times and triple checking to make sure I got on the correct train.  I think I built up my confidence a little too much because yesterday was the ultimate train struggle 2k11.   I was minding my own business, not paying attention or reading the signs and hopped on a train I thought was heading to Basel.  I did notice that the time was a little off, we had left a few minutes early, but I was thinking “good for France, they are finally running the trains on time for once.”  Everything was fine and good until the conductor came along to check tickets.  He looks down at the ticket and back up and down again. I knew something was up when he made a puzzled face and asked

“Where are you headed?”

“To Basel”

“Zees train does not go to Basel, it goes to Strasbourg.”

SAY WHAT? He then was quick to demonstrate that Basel was in the complete opposite direction of where this train was headed.  We had gotten on the wrong train.  Needless to say he thought we were completely incompetent but he was nice about the whole situation.  He explained in his broken English, hand gestures included, about how we needed to descender le train (get off the train) in a nearby town and get back on headed back the way we came.  Embarrassing? yes.  Frustrating? a little.  Entertaining? Definitely. Stupid Americans…


Who are you again?

Today I was asked what my name was at work by a fellow teacher.  Really?? I’ve been here since SEPTEMBER.  Then, for the second time, I was told to use the bathroom on the second floor because the bathroom I was trying to use was for teachers.  Again, really?? I AM A TEACHER.  And apparently an invisible one at that.